Monday, July 11, 2011

its a boy!!

so on june 27 we found out that we are having a nother boy!!! at first i cryed like a baby because i was thinking it was a girl!! but once i started watching the u/s i got really excited:) and we found out that i amm futher along than they thought. Today i am 22 weeks and 3 days!!! my new due date is November 13,2011. i am really excited for that the fact johnny will have a bubba! he already love to kiss my belly and rub lotion all over it. and he refers to the baby in mommies belly as bubba or b. i am really loving the name brandon leo vera. leo has been great during the 2nd time around even when i am having mood swings and blaming him for everything he has been great not to yell back! i always relize later that what i said or did and i run to him telling him i am sorry with a hug and a kiss. i am craving sonic hamburgers with extra extra oinions... ya poor leo yikes onion breath lol. johnny is growing up so fast. i was going threw his baby cloths and telling leo remember this remember that it made me cry and leo says well know the baby will get to wear them. yesterday johnny was acting up and playing around with leo when he said '' what are we thinking'' i was like huh? ''we are about to have a 2nd it wont be a fair fight'' hahahhahaha i couldnt help but laugh my but off.

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